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This is not ment to be an all inclusive guide to installing OS X, it
isn’t supposed to be a tutorial either, nor are any of these necessarily required.
Its merely a checklist I like to go through. I hope some of you find it useful.

If anyone has any suggestions/additions, feel free to leave a comment.

Things to do when installing OS X

enable root [sudo passwd root]
rm Desktop OS9 Folder
enable ssh
enable appletalk
install the developer tools
set keyboard/double click rates
set hard disk sleep and system sleep
turn off quicktime version check and hot picks thing
turn on seconds on clock
turn on manual clock update
turn software update on manual
turn on Zoom in universal access
turn OFF rectangle when zoomed out (in universal access)
set dock size (very small), set to left and pinned on the bottom
turn off volume in menubar
copy hosts file from another machine
copy /etc/sysctl.conf (sets TCP/IP stack parameters)
copy .ssh keys
copy /usr/local/bin crap
copy /sw
turn on identd
copy keychains (note SMB login names must be in ALL CAPS)
set energy saver to ‘highest’ performance
pick a nice desktop pattern
turn on apache
enable PHP

turn on tabs
turn off popups
set opening page to blank
set homepage to google
goto google turn off safe search

One response to “Things I do when re-installing OS X”

  1. brian says:

    i add, update perl, install a bunch of modules, install wget, install QuickSilver, and that’s all i can remember atm… =)

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