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So far a dozen or so users from only 2 exchanges have posted speed tests of the new FIOS service, but a user in the Murrieta area is claiming he is up and running. Hopefully we will get the first west coast speed test posted shortly.

Exchanges up and running:

Top speed? 28254/4503
That is some tasty bandwidth!

5 responses to “Quick Verizon FIOS Fiber Update”

  1. limit says:

    Very cool… Hope it makes it to my area soon…

  2. Mike Bailey says:

    Hi I am due for a fiber install next week. As I understand the process, the tech will run a program to tweak the tcpip parameters in the windows registry. However most of my servers are Linux servers. Has anyone updated or modified the sysctl.conf file to tweak the same parameters on a linux box ?



  3. Mike Bailey says:

    Has anyone tried to optimize the tcpip parameters for a Linux box yet ?

    I am due for an install next week and as it has been explained to me the techs will run a program to mod the windows registry that modifies the tcpip parameters to increase the effective download speeds.

  4. Jacob Riskin says:

    Although I hear Linux 2.4 kernels have some sort of good automatic internal tuning, here is a basic guide to tuning TCP.

    I would imagine that since fiber is very low latency and high bandwidth it would be similar to tuning any box one 10Mbit ethernet or faster. I have a very expert friend on the topic and i’ll drop him an IM later to see what he thinks.

    Btw. If you don’t mind me asking where are you from?

  5. Mike Bailey says:

    Hi, They finally got the fiber ckt lit in my neighborhood (Grapevine TX) yesterday and completed the installation last night. Here are the results using pcpitstop.com

    Win XP 14140 KBS
    Mandrake Linux 10.1 12250 KBS
    Windows 98 just south of 10K KBS

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