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My silly christmas list.

Home Defense:
MTHEL Megawatt class laser system
Sure, some people may say a gun is good home defense. But I’d like to see the gun that can shoot down multiple inbound rockets and mortar shells! Its like Command&Conquer, but for real!

Lightning 35HD Projector
Sure a 120″ TV with 5000-lumens sounds like plenty, but lets think big, really big, $170k big (lens included?). I say if this is what they use to show film at the Oscars and Emmy’s I need one in my living room. So at 16000-ANSI lumens, 3DLP chips at full HD 1920×1080 resolution, and 1600:1 contrast this baby can show movies up to 50feet wide! A little Pythagorean theory tells us thats about 56feet or 670″ diagonal. I think I may need a bigger living room. More good projector specs at Projector Central. d_image(“lightning35hd.jpg”, “misc”, “image_fr_last”, “Lightning 35HD”);

T221 Flat Panel Display
It may only be 22 inches diagonally (compared to Apples mammoth 30″ display) but at a resolution of 3840×2400 it has more than 9 million pixels and takes 2 Dual-channel DVI cables and a dual output video card to generate its 200dpi image. In perspective of this list its a bargin, at just shy of $10grand with the video card needed to drive it. Both of these displays are of the ‘must see live to comprehend’ type.

Keeping tabs on the neighbors:
Keyhole-13 10cm resolution Spy Satellite
The Quickbird is the highest resolution commercial imaging satellite up there. With its 61cm resolution you can make out vehicles and other fairly large (or small depending on how you look at it) objects on the surface from orbit. Impressive, but not as impressive as the military. 10cm isn’t enough resolution to read your license plate or see your face, but its enough to say ‘yeah i see the fat guy next to the skinny guy, take the one on the left down’. The rumored KH-13 replaces the KH-12 (also 10cm) and is likely very similar with the exception of being stealth as well. Obviously, there isn’t a lot of available information on it, but the link above should give you a good idea. d_image(“renaultf1.jpg”, “misc”, “image_fr_last”, “Renault F1 Car”);

A Ferrari Enzo may cost $650k, have 650HP, go from 0-60MPH in 3.3seconds and have a top speed of 220MPH. But lets think a bit faster. Renault recently approached british car show Top Gear and allowed them to test a real 2004 Formula 1 race car(fresh off the 2004 circuit) on the TopGear test track. That’s pretty impressive since very very few people ever get to drive a modern F1 car besides the drivers themselves (all that secrecy and stuff). But its not nearly as impressive as the TWENTY seconds the F1 car was able to shave off of the Ferrari Enzo’s 1:19 laptime. Granted, the F1 car took 16 engineers and a myriad of computer equipment and specialized gear just get ready for a single lap, but 0:59 is still an impressive time. It did over 183MPH on the straight bits, thats fast.

Ok, just a few tid bits on my list. Feel free to send them me any of them.

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