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Tree rigging
Tree rigging

Its Los Angeles, we aren’t supposed to have ‘weather’. Oh well, anyway the recent downpour has caused no end of annoyances for me. First the Internet goes out, the comes back on, then off, then on, you get the point. Then finally the power goes out. I give up for the evening and try to go to sleep only to be awoken every time the wind blows as the house is creaking unusually heavily. Kimmy after much effort convinced me to go out in the rain and take a look. I found one of the large oak trees has decided to lean on the house, great…

So this morning (after sleeping in the living room to avoid death by tree) after several failed attempts to get someone up here during the holidays, I gave up and made a temporary rigging. With the help of my father who has no end of supplies when it comes to the right tool for the right job, I did the following…

Tree Gallery

The cable and ratchet are rated for 2000lbs and the chain (which is doing double duty as a backup in case all else fails) is good for at least twice that.

It should hold until I can get a tree guy up here to assess the situation.

3 responses to “The Lazy Tree – Decidedly low-tech”

  1. limit says:

    So what happened?

  2. Jacob Riskin says:

    Heh, so far so good, i’ve ratcheted the thing once every couple of weeks and i think its slowly moving. I need to get a professional arborist out to come look at it and hopefully put in a permanent cable with some sort of adjustable turnbuckle. I cant imagine the chain is good for the tree in the long run as trees bring up nutrients around the outside and you can potentially ‘choke’ the tree.

  3. edgar says:

    nice job jake! seems like you’ve hung out with to many farmers and engineers ;)

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