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108nm Al
108nm Al

I was recently reading Defense Tech and read a small interesting post that made a big impact. Nano-Explosives…

I hadn’t considered the implications and relative ease for nano-tech in the explosives realm. Unlike many of the far reaching nano-technologies (tiny robots to fix cells, etc…) the structures for nano-explosive are orders of magnitude less complicated. The implications for high-energy radiation free explosives are nothing short of staggering. The blog link points to a news article on Technology Review where they discuss the technology in a bit more detail.

Researchers can greatly increase the power of weapons by adding materials known as superthermites that combine nanometals such as nanoaluminum with metal oxides such as iron oxide, according to Steven Son, a project leader in the Explosives Science and Technology group at Los Alamos.

I’ll summarize a bit, 1000x the chemical reaction time to current high explosives. If you know anything about explosives, you know that its the velocity that counts and this is some serious improvement.

Here is an older but interesting look at the topic from Feb 2, 2002 from Small Times, a look at the Los Alamos Team on the bottom of this link, and some interesting electron microscope shots from Texas Tech.

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  1. limit says:

    thermite is neat even in macro terms ;)

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