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Sony G400 vs. Dell 2001fp
Sony G400 vs. Dell 2001fp

I’m a big fan of macro and micro photography. Alas, my 100MM macro lens is one of my favorites. Once in a while a camera manufacture will make a truly great lens, the Pentax-F 100MM F2.8 lens (and the FA version as well) is one of them. When used on a 2/3rd format digital its equivalent to a 150mm macro. So I was playing with my nifty Pentax *ist DS the other day and took a picture of one of my monitors just for the heck of it. So then I felt compelled to compare it to my LCD. Wow, I knew there was a huge difference (LCD is obviously sharper), but its a huge difference. You can easily make out the Trinitron mask on the Sony G400. The LCD is a Dell 2001fp and the pixels are nice and clear in the picture.

Anyway, I just thought I would share.

3 responses to “LCD vs. Trinitron”

  1. limit says:

    For some reason I am suprised. Very neat… Will pass the photo along to some friends.

  2. Jacob Riskin says:

    Limit, I think you’re the only person who actually reads my site regularly AND posts =)

  3. limit says:


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