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FIOS Update!
FIOS Update!

I think I may have finally broke through the bureaucracy! I made yet another (I can’t accurately say but I would guess like my 10th call) to Verizon today and actually got someone who had a clue! After about 10 minutes of playing with addresses in the computer we came up with the fact that 21870 Nutrir Way was listed as QUALIFIED… For anyone who hasn’t clicked on the image yet…Nutrir way is a small driveway that dead-ends and doesn’t really exist (except on maps). Our property fills in the gap between Corvo/Nutrir and Canon.

So anyway in the Verizon computer we changed our ‘service address’ to 21870 Nutrir and now we can order FIOS. I’m supposed to get a call back tomorrow with the install date! FINALLY!

Crap, now you all know where I live…all I can say is BEWARE OF FIBER DOGS!

UPDATE 3/24/05: Installers will be here April 1st (ok maybe they are kidding me, but I got a confirmation#)!

UPDATE #2 3/27/05: While house sitting for my parents the FIOS installers came HERE to check some stuff out for their installation and noticed the same name, talked to him and helped him with the exact location of our house. He confirmed that now that he knows exactly where it is he would survey it on the way out [of the canyon] and will be there on the 1st!!!

UPDATE #3 3/30/05: The linemen came out today and ran the actual fiber, I took a couple shots of it. Overhead wire connection, extra corning cable and the connector (even bigger version).

UPDATE #4 4/1/05: So Verizon flaked…funny joke…haha I’m really laughing. Damn bastards…rescheduled for Monday. I wish they just would follow their own schedule.

5 responses to “FIOS Progress!”

  1. limit says:

    It was madness that you could see the box but not get an install…

  2. Jacob Riskin says:

    I really need to figure out how to make it so it posts comments in realtime and only holds them in the queue if they have spam words or URL links…

  3. Topanga Scott says:

    Hey Jacob, Ive been following your little debacle on BroadbandForum and here. I live in topanga too and am basically having the exact same problems you have. Half the people on my street allready have the service, yet my house is unqualified for whatever reason. Cant get a hold of anyone who can accually help me from VZ, and in the meantime Im stuck on dialup!! its been a nightmare. I was wondering if you could ask your installer if theres anything I can do, Other than repeatedly call verizon and get the same damn story (backlogged, we’ll have someone call you ‘right away’ etc.) Could you drop me an email? thanx man good luck with your install, I wish I was you. :)


  4. Jacob Riskin says:

    I will ask the installers when they get here Friday, I’ve chatted with them a few times now and I’m sure they’ll have more info.

    I was already going to show them the map in our area and see what they think as far as addresses and availability.

    I would have to say persistence is your friend. Its a huge bureaucracy and you just have to keep calling until you get someone who knows what they are doing and is willing to help make it happen for you.

    The service address vs. billing address thing worked like a charm for me. The survey crew wasn’t sure which house and called me to confirm the precise location (I actually ran in to them at my parents before I even called back), but after that it was smooth sailing.

    Where exactly are you located? I would say look at an overhead map and see if you can figure out where someone might have ‘mistakenly’ put your house.
    Then hit the webpage and start plugging in addresses until you get one that works, then call and say ‘I think they put my house at the wrong address’ and get your service address changed to the location that plugs in and works. It takes 24hrs for the service address change so you may need to call back the next day to order FIOS. My guy was totally on the ball and left himself a note to order it for me the next morning when he came in to work, your mileage may vary on that =)

    If you give me your address I’ll do what I can when they get here Friday. But I would say your best bet is to try and reverse engineer their mistake.

  5. limit says:


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