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Fiber Connector
Fiber Connector

Fios Success
Wow, it has been over a month since i’ve posted. The fiber installation went totally smooth. The bandwidth rocks! With my 15000/2000 connection I’m getting 1800Kbytes/sec downloads and 230Kbytes uploads (6-10x faster down and up than the typical 1.5/256k cable). The standard DNS servers they set you up with seem to be a tad overloaded (causing initial page lookups to be slow), but I quickly fixed that using a very fast one that pings about 4ms to me and using riskinit.org as a backup DNS (typically pings less than 30ms). Here is a small gallery of the hookup. The provided D-Link 604 (DL-604) is totally adequate for most setups. I setup some port forwarding for the different computers in the house and everything is running smoothly.

Overall I would say I’m very satisfied. FIOS is only $50/month for a great service. I’ve only experienced very short transient outages of maybe 10-15 seconds once or twice in the last month. The average user wouldn’t ever notice this (it’s only because I use my connection 24/7 that I notice even the smallest glitch).

P.S. Limit, drop me an email!

6 responses to “FIOS Installation Success!”

  1. Topanga Scott says:

    Hey Jacob – Im pleased to announce that I too was able to break through the beurocracy after about 3 months of fighting w/ verizon, and got it installed last monday. I am STOKED. It is oh so fast, I am in freakin heaven, especially after being without any broadband for about 8 months. Hehe, it still feels wierd to have it here.

    anyways, just thought you might be interested to know. Have fun! I know I will. Viva la fios


  2. Jacob says:

    Great, I’m glad you got it working!

    So it seems the secret to success is purely persistence. Unfortunately, with any large company the level of stupidity can get out of control.

  3. Mike Weed says:

    Can you take a Pic of the connection to the home?
    It would be great to see if they are using the Fiber connector that I designed.

  4. Jacob says:

    Which part exactly? The thumbnail is the connector from the telco line that plugs in to the ONT. I put a couple extra shots of the inside of the ONT where the fiber actually connects, is that what you mean?

    Gallery of FIOS Hookup

  5. RJ says:

    Great to read of your experience. Curiously, do you know if they are filtering any ports (80,25,110,etc)?

  6. jriskin says:

    I believe both port 80 and 25 inbound are blocked. Not sure on 110, broadbandreports.com has great forums with a ton of information though if you want to read more on FIOS.

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