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So, I was thinking today and it occurred to me that digital photography has changed things a bit. In the past if you took pictures of things that the powers that be didn’t like, they would likely take your camera and smash it and pull out the film and possibly search you for more film and destroy that too.

Well, digital memory can be small, really small! Its also really tough, surviving drops, water, plane crashes, and lots more. So the weird gal that I am I think, hey why not swallow it? My normal SD cards are easily small enough to be swallowed, and MiniSD is even smaller and can be adapted to SD. So you could keep a spare SD card, when they go to take your stuff swap out the card and swallow the important one. Its definitely small enough to pass through, but no guarantees =)

P.S. The image is 90DPI which should be close to real sized on many monitors. 72-100dpi is fairly typical these days. My Dell 20″ is spot on 100DPI.

2 responses to “MiniSD… a tasty treat!”

  1. limit says:

    They can also withstand indirect heat up to 185 F, indirect cold of -77 F, being frozen in water, being boiled in water, an EM pulse, and a ES discharge.

    Stomach acid should be okay for a bit, but I could not find an experiments to prove that assertion.

  2. Jacob says:

    They pretty much kick ass…and miniSD is just tiny…

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