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RX-8 USA Sales. Click for bigger version!
RX-8 USA Sales. Click for bigger version!

I’ve always been a big RX-7 fan, but for some reason or another the RX-8 just doesn’t do it for me looks wise. Anyway, I did this for MY FRIEND ADAM and just remembered one of the reasons I started this site was so that my seemingly pointless efforts may be useful for someone other than just myself.

USA Sales by year
2003 – 12,346
2004 – 23,690
2005 – 6,992
Total – 43,028

P.S. I noticed I didn’t label the graph, so if it isn’t obvious its in cars sold per month.

2 responses to “RX-8 Sales By Month”

  1. Jason says:

    Where does this type of information come from?

  2. Jake says:

    Tedious web browsing…Mazda makes monthly announcements of sales figures, so I did 20-30 google searches until I got all the numbers in various press releases.

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