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G-force Graph, click for full run data
G-force Graph, click for full run data

While part of me feels like I’m getting old, I know I’m not quite over the hill yet. So I got my car back from the shop after 3 months of engine rebuild. Its not quite running right yet…but in the twisty’s not much is faster. Back in March I made this post about the G-Tech Pro. I never got around to posting any of my runs, so I’ll post this one.

Disclaimer: Pseudo-professional Driver on a Closed Course. (hey it works for the car ads)

While in theory on a closed course I have no fear of crossing the center divider and should have the same cornering room, lets just say I was trying to practice normal style driving, just faster =). Now notice how I’m a total wuss when corning left only getting about 1.0g’s while to the right I peak at 1.34g’s. I know there is more room to run out in case I get in trouble on the rights…

Anyway I just like posting graphs. Enjoy…

2 responses to “RX-7 Still ridiculously fast”

  1. Tami (formerly) Fricke says:

    It’s nice to see that somethings never change…I can’t believe that 15yrs later you’re still obsessed with the same car. =) Drop me a line when you have a moment. -Tam

  2. Jason Weisberger says:


    Your car may indeed be “rediculously fast” – next time ask Mark @ Tripoint to make it ridiculously fast, I am sure it can be done at no extra cost.



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