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Click the moon
Click the moon

Not much to say. I took some shots of the moon and the sky and I liked the results. Click the link, 4 shots and then it loops.

I recommend at least 1280×1024 to view them. I also have an identical but larger set for those of you at 1600×1200.

The first moon shot is done with a cheap 80-320 zoom (at 320mm x1.5 FOV crop 480mm 35mm equivalent), it came out fairly good for the lens I used. The others were taken with the kit lens 18-55mm (F5, 13 second exposure ISO400) that came with my *ist DS. For the fairly standard fare quality of the lenses I was happy with the results. I really need to try and get a hold of my dad’s 10″ mirror telescope, thats an equivalent 2000mm roughly at 35mm and 3000mm with my *ist DS.

So full screen your browsers and check them out. 1280 versions and 1600 versions.

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