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So, I was just reading Engadget and I realized I don’t think I ever posted my bump key video.

For those of you out of the loop, locks don’t work. Even a total amateur can break in to some of the most sophisticated locks without any skill what-so-ever. In fact I’ve personally found it EASIER to break in to more expensive locks with this method, than cheaper old ones that are lose inside. Wiki on lockpicking.

I made this key in under 5 minutes with an old key I found in a drawer and a Dremal.

So without further ado…the bump…

2 responses to “Bump Key video…”

  1. zoltanelo says:

    In case you missed my hack of this type of key hack.

    Monday, October 23, 2006
    Tip of the week. Secure way to lend out keys.

    One way to get around the giving our keys to people you rather not but have to is to put the key in an envelope marked ” emergency only” after taking the key and filing the front slopes /../../.. on the key to |..|..|.. so that the key goes into the lock but, it cant come out. Stamp the key (a locksmith has number and alphabet stamps or they can be had cheap at Harbor and Freight) with a unique label. If the person uses it, the key will be in the lock, or the broken end will be there and a locksmith will have to be called. At least you will know that someone (since you labeled the key or there is a busted key) was there. With the label you will be able to demand and explanation of what the emergency was? Make two or three keys this way.

    Monday, October 16, 2006
    Tip of the week. Counter bump keys.

    It is becoming a common problem that house locks are being “picked” with a bump key (similar to a skeleton or master key). What I recommend are keys and locks from other countries – nothing special for them but for us in the USA the blanks are unheard of and cannot easily be setup for a bump. They surely are not truly bump proof but their foreign design makes them effectively bump proof.

  2. jriskin says:

    It certainly ups the ante to use a foreign lock, but really its not much better than merely having an off brand lock. Which is in itself probably better than having the same few keys that like 80% of the houses probably have. At that point, with foreign shipping costs you’re probably better off just buying a high end bump-resistant lock from medeco or schlage for around $150. But as far as i’m concerned locks are really for insurance. There is no such thing as a lock that can’t be picked or a house that can’t be broken in to. More often than not there is a window somewhere to break or a door/window left unlocked. A chain is as weak as its weakest link, thieves want to avoid detection but a single blow to a window/weak entry point is hardly noticeable by neighbors and they rarely try to break in when someone is home.

    Personally, having an inconsistent schedule, owning pets, and a noisy alarm are probably more effective that trying to lock down your house.

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