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Technology is the term we use for things that don't quite work yet.

So instead getting an image of something really close up (which I often like doing), here is something far far away. It’s nothing spectacular or amazing like this. But, its the best I could do with equipment on hand and not being NASA. Maybe if I can get the tracking a little better I could improve it marginally, but really I bet better viewing conditions would have a much greater impact in quality.

It’s also really overkill but impressive on things much closer to home. Here is my best shot with a marginal quality 320mm lens. Same thing at 2032mm (no eye piece and reduced to 50%). Impressive!

I’ll get a much better moon shot once it rolls around, its not coming up until like 5am or something silly.

Celestron C8 Telescope (2032mm F10) 8mm eye piece (so like 254x magnification)
Pentax K10D 10MP Camera

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