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this is fios, this is big

This is FIOS. This is BIG.

The good news is the latest bundles as of 1/17/2010 while not great for everyone, are a good upgrade for me. Something changed last month and my bill was $10 up so it all coincides well for a change of plan. I’ll end up saving a few bucks a month while getting 35/35mbit service (up from 20/20) and a few extra FIOS TV channels. The bad news (and its not new news) is the Wi-fi hotspot joke they claim you get.

Verizon Wi-Fi is not available for PDAs, phones, desktop PCs or Macs.
In fact 64-bit Windows need not apply as well. It is ONLY available for 32-bit vista/xp. This is just ridiculous, wifi access is built on all open standards. It’s purely a marketing/business decision to alienate all of the PDAs, phones, Macs, etc…

It amazes me how Verizon can wave the Network Neutrality Flag and yet at the same time not offer any access to all to various devices. So, its network neutrality, as long as you’re the type of device we think deserves it.

The ugly? Well, the $1.99 mysterious fee is still an unknown factor and ETF’s have doubled on both FIOS and Wireless up to $350 and $360 respectively. FIOS prorates at $15/month and wireless is oddly $10/month which will leave a hefty chunk even at the end.

They continue to be my most hated/loved company. FIOS and FIOS TV are unparalleled, the wireless on the other hand? Well, lets just say I won’t be a quad-play subscriber any time soon.

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