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I mean that pretty much sums it up. I was really hoping 5.01 would fix it, but apparently, no such luck. Basically, if you have your keyboard repeat rate set to anything other than dog slow, Safari starts animating the scroll, then in the middle of starting to animate it sees the next keyboard input and interrupts the first scroll and just gets terrible. Using the mouse is super silky smooth, the arrow controls work albeit a little chunky, but, I suspect it’s merely because the repeat rate is slower.

I’m sure a method is getting reentered and somewhere an if statement is missing or broken… e.g.


In the video I first use the keyboard arrows, then the pageup/pagedown, then the mouse controls and finally some more keyboard.

Safari 5.0/5.01 Terrible Keyboard Scrolling Video Click HERE

Update: 9/8/10 5.02 did NOT fix the bug…so sad…
Update: 10/18/10 5.03 did NOT fix the bug…sadness continues…
Update: 4/14/10 5.05 DID fix the bug! Rejoicing ensues!!! Thank you Apple!

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