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Seriously, after reading a few articles (yes, I haven’t actually installed it yet) the amazing new feature list includes…

iCloud Integration: Nice, but not revolutionary.
Notification Center: Don’t we already have this with Growl?
Gatekeeper: A step backwards IMHO. I understand the reasoning but by making this the default, they are going to financially harm any developer not in the store.
Notes: Stickies
Messages: iChat
Calendar: iCal
Reminders: Nice, but its little more than a dashboard app. If they integrate Siri that would be nice.
Share Sheets: This has promise, the OS is due to have some social integration built in.
Game Center: Also very welcome, while not strictly needed, it will probably invigorate casual gaming on the mac.
AirPlay Mirroring: Also welcome, but, it seems like a fairly niche feature.

So really, I’m not sure of the direction they are going in, maybe I’m getting old and skeptical. But, I think the “Mountain Lion” part of this is just like ‘snow leopard’, not quite a full update even if it’s getting a new version number.

Things I’d *like* to see in a new OS X?

Seamless data management. Think time machine with hardware knowledge. “There appears to be 1025 files in 10gb that are only located on a single storage volume and are more than 30days old, please insert a blank bluray, sync to icloud, or add a new volume”. “there is data on a dvd-r you burned 3 years ago and is not backed up anywhere, please insert the disk to make it redundant.”

But, I fear they are going the Cloud Path with no looking back and I just don’t know if i’m a luddite for not wanting my data spread across that series of tubes…

Bring back the Snow Leopard color schemes and scroll bar options.

True resolution independence.

Fix the issues with Lion automatic saving, things like mark a checkpoint for good versions.

Ok, thats all the rant I have in me at the moment…

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